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Our main destination; United Arab Emirates:Our destination is a business destination.please contact us without obligations,by mail to:info@Zaviki.nlread more


saffron zavikiStandard products with high quality Rice and Saffron, Lentils. For more information please contact us by mail read more


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We provide International Air shipment , and road shipment, as well as Trucking in Asia and the European Union .read more


zaviki transportationSales and service of new and second-hand refrigerated units with 3 years of operation and freight transport by refrigerated trucks in Asia. please contact us without obligations,by mail to:info@Zaviki.nlread more

  • A Grade Black Muzaffarti Dates

    A Grade Black Muzaffarti Dates, Packaging Type: Carton, Packaging Size: 7.5kg Cartoon (12pcs)
    please ,Your order send  by email or WhatsApp
    Tell: 648030126
    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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    ORGANISED BY FRUITNET MEDIA INTERNATIONAL, THE FIRST EVER GLOBAL TOMATO CONGRESS TOOK PLACE IN ROTTERDAM ON 26 NOVEMBER 2019. Bringing together 300 people from 22 countries to learn about new trends and innovation in the international fresh tomato business. With its unique, multimedia format spread across four different stages, the event presented a broad variety of different talks and discussions, all within a single networking and exhibition area. As a result, the Global Tomato Congress had something for everyone working in the category – from seed breeders and growers to importers, buyers and category managers, from packaging and technology providers to marketing and branding specialists.
  • Mr ,zahedi visited some Dutch companies

    Mr. Zahedi visited some Dutch companies. Including companies:KLEYN TRUCKS ,MBS TRANSPORT REFRIGERATOIN LTD , BAS TRUCKS.
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  • 10 Best Places to Visit in the Netherlands

    No visit to Holland is complete without a visit to the capital city, Amsterdam; however , there are so many more thrilling sites to see in the Nethrlands. From the classic windmills and magnificent fields of flowers to historic town centers laden with museums and sights , Holland has much to offer visitors. these places to visit in the Netherlands are not to be missed , and most are easily accessible. 10:Gouda 9:Rotterdam 8:Groningrn 7:Haarlem 6:Utrecht 5:Maastricht 4:The Hague 3:Delft 2:Leiden 1:Amsterdam

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    The Middle Eastern retail market presents huge potential for global fresh fruits and vegetable providers to sell top quality produce at a premium, especially fruit, provided exporters can guarantee supply consistency and find the right local partner. According to local retail research, opportunities are ripe in countries like the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Dubai in particular offers great growth prospects thanks to its burgeoning tourism sector and a booming population that is driven by a diverse community of expatriates, including westerners, Arabs and South Asians.
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  • Products

    Fresh, produce has an average shelf-life of a few days, depending on the fruit or vegetable, and certainly a much shorter shelf-life than in those markets where the product is grown. With the Middle East having to import the vast majority of its food, shelf-life apparently plays the biggest role in consumer purchasing decisions. As such, it is thought that consumers would be willing to pay a premium if international suppliers can deliver a premium offer with great quality, flavor and freshness as close to just picked as possible. "There is definite demand from retailers for really high quality produce
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  • Mr. Zahedi visits one of the most advanced greenhouses in the Netherlands

    The total area of the Netherlands is just 41.6 square kilometers, but the country is ranked first in the world by the area of greenhouse farms. Thus, the fruits, vegetables, and flowers this country produces does not only go to the countrymen, but also to millions of foreign people.

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Zaviki Company offers the highest quality and freshest fruits and sauces
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Potatoes are a source of vitamin B6 and vitamin C and are very beneficial for health.



Tomatoes are rich in vitamin A, thiamine, folate, niacin, flavonoids, B complex and so on.



Onions keep you safe from stomach ulcers and swelling.


Bell pepper

Bellpepper is also rich in nutrients such as vitamins A, C, K, cardioids and dietary fiber



Cucumbers contain high amounts of vitamin C and water, which cleanse the face.



Cabbage is a very good source of manganese, edible fiber, calcium, magnesium and potassium.



Saffron is useful for improving digestive function and increasing appetite.
Because it is warm in nature, it cures coughs and colds.



Strawberries contain antioxidants that act against free radicals, inhibit the growth of cancer cells, and reduce inflammation in the body.

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Professional. Creative. Passionate. innovative.

ZAVIKI company, transporting from the Netherlands to Middle Asia and exporting fresh, high quality and organic fruits and vegetables from the Netherlands to the Persian Gulf countries


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ZAVIKI B.V is a young dynamic fresh fruit import and export company in Netherlands with a professional team which cooperates with overseas employees and partners to provide the best selected and high quality fresh fruits for costumers. 

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